1. How can members of the public lodge their grievances regarding issues faced in PBT areas?
    - Members of the public may make enquiries or complaints directly to the PBT concerned or to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

  2. How many PBTs are there in Malaysia at present?
    - 145 PBTs including Kuala Lumpur City Hall comprising Town Councils 31 and District Councils 114. There are also various bodies which are given the authority by their respective State Governments to carry out certain PBT functions such as PBT Kulim HiTech, PBT Pasir Gudang, Perbadanan Putrajaya and etc

  3. When Bill or Assessment Tax Notice be issued?
    - General Assessment Tax's bill will be issued/posted in January - first 1/2 year July - second 1/2 year

  4. What is the action that Council will take if payment is not settled within the duration period?
    - According to the Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976, you will be subject to such measures as: Notice E - Notice (E's form) will be issued to you. You are required to explain within 15 days from the date of the notice. Fine will be imposed accordance from the arrears outstanding under section 147 (1) 1976 Local Government Act. The fine rate will be follow as the timetable below : Total Debt Late Payment RM 100.00 below RM 101.00 above RM 3.00 3% from the total outstanding amount

  5. Where does the Assessment Tax Period Collection being distributed?
    - The Assessment Tax that being imposes are for the Development and Public Facilities Maintenance such as public hall, public toilet, bus stop, playground and recreational, market and others.Housing area construction or business, garden and public area.Infrastructure maintenance such as road, ditch, drain and related.Providing and maintenance of light road. Maintenance payment of garbage collection.Development of Raub District council.All this are for the benefits of people of Raub especially for people under Raub District Council jurisdiction.