Yang Dipertua, Raub District Council



Assalamualaikum wbth.

Alhamdullillah and welcome. All praise is to Allah s.w.t. by whose Grace and Blessings we meet here in this website. This virtual meeting is proof that development and growth in science and technology in this century is no longer strange to society. Furthermore, it is an effective branch of knowledge and skill to be experienced and discovered.

In relation to this, internet and web users have been introduced to sites of all public and private sectors. Raub District Council is not exempted from creating, improving and activating this website especially created for the purpose of dessimination of information relating to all services provided by its departments.

The Raub District Council's website is complete with departments' information such as goals, objectives, function and etc.  There is also information on stall vacancies among others in this website.

To increase the interest of web users, photographs of interesting places in Raub district are also displayed. Online feedback facility is also provided as a channel for consumers to give feedback accurately and swiftly via a proper channel.

In closing, as the yang Dipertua, I am hopeful that a government agency such as Raub District Council will constantly move forward to discover the latest technology and then onwards to grow in the chosen field. To consumers out there, use all available facilities for the benefit and improvement of the quality of life together. I end with wabilahi taufik wal hidayah wasalamualaikum w.r.b.

Yang Dipertua, Raub District Council