1. To ensure that the Raub District Council give the best service to customers.
  2. To ensure that development is according to the law, structure plan, local plan and the government’s policies.
  3. To ensure that MDR’s staff are highly competent.
  4. To ensure the status and financial management of Raub District to always be strong and transparent.
  5. To involve the society in implementation of various MDR’s programs and projects - Local Agenda 21.

The Strategies of Raub District Council

  1. Customer Oriented And Business-Like 
  2. To carry out and enforce the Acts used by Raub District Council, Federal and State Government policies, structure plan and local plan effectively.
  3. To create quality, educated and skilful workforce according to the current development and needs.
  4. To execute good corporate governance.
  5. To carry out ‘leading by example’ culture and open communication in the context of service and development in MDR’s area.