List of Circular used by Raub District Council

  • MDR circular and all full decision made by Full Meeting.

  • Department of Town and Country Planning Circular.

  • Department of Environment Circular.

  • Department of Irrigation and Drainage Circular.

  • Treasury Circular.

  • Related Service Circulars.

  • Public Administration Development Circular.

  • Treasury Circular and Letter.

  • Service Circular and Letter

  • National Accountant Circular.

  • Public Service Administration Circular.

  • Public Service Development Circular.



List of Guides in use by Raub District Council:

  • Ministry of Housing and Local Government Guidelines.

  • National Department of Landscape Guidelines Series Jln/GP001/2001.

  • Department of Town and Country Planning Development and Standards.

  • Treasury Guide and Store Management Agenda.

  • Procurement Guide and Agenda 1995.

  • Entertainment Procedure 1996.

  • Work Specifications in Malaysian Government Projects.

  • Treasury Instructions.

  • SIRIM Approval.

  • Treasury Instructions.

  • Security Instructions.

  • Service Instructions.

  • License Conditions.

  • Stall and Market Rental Agreements.

  • Guideline/Standard Site of Disposal Toxic and Solid Waste Planning.

  • Guideline/Standard of Global Development Planning.

  • Guideline/Standard of Industrial Area Planning.

  • Guideline/Standard of Housing Factory Worker Planning.