Lata Jarum is another tourist destinations in Raub District. Lata Jarum is a picnic spot which has beautiful and natural scenery.

It is situated only 2 km from Chekas Island, which is also another tourist destination. It only takes a few minutes by motor vehicle.

As you approach the Lata Jarum area, you can hear the forest creatures and the waterfall welcoming you.

Lata Jarum


How Lata Jarum got its name is unknown. Perhaps the name was derived from the fact that the water is cold to the bones, like being pricked by needles. The river here is rocky and the current swift.

There are however areas with calmer waters with sandy banks – suitable for relaxing and enjoying the water. Here, facilities are also provided, such as public toilets, changing rooms, praying rooms, a camping area, benches, a hall and cafeteria.

For visitors who would like to spend the night, they have a choice of sleeping in canvas tents or in chalets made of bamboo. Spending the night in the chalets will certainly give you a whole new experience. The chalet manager can also arrange  jungle trekking upon request.