Payment Counter ServiceA. Payment Collection (Online)

  1. License
  2. Quit Rent
  3. Stall/Building Rent

B. Other Payment Collection (Manual)

  1. Registration of Business Licence
  2. Registration for stalls/market place
  3. Registration for Food Handling Card
  4. Process Fees for Building/Renovation Plans
  5. Permit for placement of building construction materials
  6. Applications for Buntings/Banners
  7. Collection for Day Market/Night Market
  8. Collection for Yearly Permit for Day Market/Night Market
  9. Sales of Tender Documents and Quotations
  10. Legal Unit Compounds
  11. Planning Unit Compounds
  12. Temporary Building License
  13. Entertainment/Expo License
  14. Ramadhan Market Stall
  15. Dog License
  16. Selling of CFO Copies
  17. Structure Plan Book
  18. Collateral Money (Stall/Hall/Expo)
  19. Car Park
  20. Rental of Council’s Equipment
  21. Halls/Courts Rentals
  22. Selling of Job Application forms
  23. Permit for Five-foot Way/Billboards /Temporary Business/Selling of Seasonal Fruits
  24. Selling of Flower Seeds
  25. Reimbursement (Salary/Telephone)
  26. Contribution of State/Federal Government
  27. Takaful Profit